Taking modular houses and steel frame innovations to the next level!

Being located on the Balearic islands, the STEELHOUS.ES team comprises extremely skilful and motivated architects, engineers and craftsmen, dedicated to the introduction of innovative and high quality residential buildings to the area. 

The keywords attached to construction of quality steel frame houses, industrial buildings and steel structures include innovation and ingenuity. Quality and durability. A smooth building process, including fixed time frame and fixed time. All in one package. And all with significant, tangible benefits for each and every client, including:  

Cost effectiveness

The modular design houses made by STEELHOUS.ES stand to save you more than 30% of the price when comparing to a traditional brick construction. On an overall scale, steel houses are considered one of the most cost effective building solutions, and because the process requires a very concise engineering and precise designing of the materials, you'll have a much more effective product at a lower final price. Additionally, a steel building requires dramatically less maintenance over time, adding to the overall cost savings over the entire lifespan of the building. 


Modern steel-modular construction allows buildings to be built in a very short time frame with minimal transport and mechanization costs. On top, the efficiency of steel-modular construction is significantly increased by the fact that the construction itself doesn't require any additional and auxiliary building systems / formwork, scaffolding or reinforcement. In fact, it's said that for two identical buildings, the one with a steel-modular construction will be built up to four times quicker. Now, that's efficiency for you right there!

Time affordability 

Due to the assemply in factory conditions, most metal buildings can be completed from start to finish in a matter of just a few months, since the process timeline is not as susceptible to weather conditions, as it's the case with  construction of brick buildings. Where temperatures below four degree Celsius, rain and high humidity tend to cause serious problems, they're avoidable when it comes to construction of steel houses. 


Steel houses are constructed and delivered with pinpoint accuracy, making them the exact opposite of a 'traditional construction' process. The latter is often characterized by all activites being carried out on-iste, meaning that the accuracy of the building depends entirely on the qualifications, experience and professionalism of the construction team, its project manager, suppliers and all other personnel involved. The steel modular construction method offers a clear-cut solution to 'the human factor' of traditional building, as everything is produced in a factory setting, making error in measurement, imperfect assembly or poor craftsmanship virtually impossible. 


Steel is one of the most eco-friendly construction materials available on the market and, on top, it can be recycled. In addition, it requires fewer materials to construct a metal building, making room for savings on the manufacturing and transportation costs that would otherwise increase your carbon footprint. Further, metal buildings offer heat-deflecting finishes and weather-resistant options, increasing their overall energy efficiency, and the decreased maintenance requirements mentioned earlier also makes it more energy efficient than its brick counterparts, when measured long-term. 

Higher stability and longer durability 

Steel and metal buildings are nearly indestructible, which is one of the reason why metal schools, churches and other civic buildings are often used as evacuation sites in times of climate disaster. As an example of its stability and durability, metal buildings can withstand exceedingly high winds, tornados and hurricanes and, thus, are built to accomodate weather conditions in particularly harsh geographic locations. 

In short: With STEELHOUS.ES as your partner, you'll have a home that's not only sustainable and durable, comfortable and beautiful. You'll also have a both affordable and economical home. 

The modern pace of life and general development in research and technology has made it possible to combine construction elements in a way that steel-frame modular buildings aren't a revolution in construction, but much rather a logical evolution. 

So why wait? With all the advantages outlined, there seems to be little else left than to contact STEELHOUS.ES today to find out more about the steps needed to get your new and perfect house ready to go: 

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