Hiking / Walking: El Toro

A beautiful walk for the untrained hiker

Spring and fall are considered to be the best time of year for hiking in Mallorca by many. Temperatures are comfortable, and the risk of rain is less than during the months of winter. Nevertheless, you can easily be lucky enough to be take a dip in the Mediterranean, if you're spending your Christmas holidays in Mallorca - and, thus, it's more than cozy and possible to go on a good walk / hiking trip in the nice December weather without having to worry about being surprised by a rainshower. 

In mid-December 2018, BEST OF Palma's trip went to a former military area in El Toro close to Port Adriano, where the terrain is suitable for everyone; however, you must be aware that the entrance to the area is surrounded by barbed wire. In no way does this mean that you shouldn't enter the area, which is used frequently by hikers of all ages and all nationalities. It simply means that you have to walk a few meters to the left of the entrance way, after which the barbed wire comes all the way down to ground level, and you can pass it without problems.

From here, you'll walk on good and often solid hiking paths - though some with slightly larger stones that can make the terrain a bit uneven.

The view is stunning and makes the trip a paradise for everyone who delights in experiencing the diversity of Mallorca's nature - in this case taking you along the coastline with the sea and sky as your main pointers.

The hiking trail in El Toro is one that everyone can choose - practiced as well as unpracticed - and where you go on as short or long a walk as you like. For us, the trip took about 2 hours, including a short rest, where we enjoyed the view with a hiking group out on a longer walk with hiking poles, plenty of water and packed lunch bags. 

A BEST OF hike in every way! Just look at the pictures, enter the coordinates, tie your shoes and get ready :).