A taste a sheer heaven ... 

We might as well state facts from the very beginning: POSTRES BEINETTI is probably the best confectionary in Mallorca! A specialist in American pastry, American-born Daniel Beinetti has spent the last 20+ years on the island in a constant process of innovation and refinement. His aim has been – and continues to be – to make the lives of his many thrilled customers sweeter, healthier and happier – with artisan pastry products of unparalleled high quality and unmatched flavour.  

A visit to POSTRES BEINETTI is an adventure into an exceptional atmosphere. You’re greeted by displays and showcases filled with a legendary assortment of cakes from the American confectioner’s cake world. You may choose to enjoy the array of confections on the spot, seated on high bar stools in front of the window, gazing at the Mallorquin sky and soaking in the ambience, or you may decide to bring the cakes with you, to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. Regardless of whether you plan to take your purchase home with you or eat them at POSTRES BEINETTI with coffee, tea or hot chocolate, all orders are taken at the counter, so as to give you the best visibility of the cakes on display, and to serve you the BEST OF ways.  

All cakes are handmade, using 100% natural ingredients – from the eminent carrot cake, well-renowned red velvet and brilliant banoffee, to the mouth-watering cheese cake with strawberry, fantastic lemon merengue, luscious brownie and chocolate cakes as well as the unforgettable apple crumble … but to name a few …  

And as if that’s not all, POSTRES BEINETTI’s catalogue also includes the making of any type of cake you need to sweeten any type of event or celebration! The American pastry expert designs your cake to be as special as the event itself – with original and creative ideas that’ll continue to surprise you and your taste buds.  

Because regardless of your preference: At POSTRES BEINETTI, the sign on the door says is all: LIFE IS SWEET. But don’t just take the confectioner’s own word for it! Take ours! With POSTRES BEINETTI’s: LIFE TRULY IS SWEET.

Opening hours are: 

Tuesday - Saturday
08:00 - 21:00

Sunday and national holidays
08:00 - 15:00

Monday closed.

Orders are taken in both Spanish, Catalan and English at BEINETTI's by a very friendly and serviceminded staff. 

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