The taste of South Africa in Mallorca 

The team behind EL TORO FOODS is very passionate about its South African culture and all the trimmings that come with it, including biltong, droëwors, chilli bites, boerewors and pies. They make all their products from locally sourced raw material, using traditional spices and methods to produce authentic flavours in order to bring nothing short of the real taste of South Africa to Mallorca. 

EL TORO FOODS operated under the name of PIE IN THE SKY until two years ago, when the café and pie shop started to push its new brand and logo. Since then, the awareness has increased and business activities escalated and, today, the South African owners and their staff are making healthy, lean and clean products and selling them in their stand at the Santa Catalina market. All from locally sourced ingredients, and following traditional methods and old family recipes. 

EL TORO FOODS' free delivery service means that its kitchen caters a lot to marinas and shipyards. However, the customers go far beyond the South African community either living in or visiting Mallorca through their work on boats and yachts. They include both hikers and bikers as well as other sports aficionados, who are into eating natural foods and protein snacks, as the South African specialities are not just super healthy; they are also delicious and highly addictive!

The products include:

The EL TORO biltong - a seasoned and air-cured 100% beef snack that can be enjoyed at any time with a beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink. Although all sorts of flavours are used in South Africa, EL TORO FOODS stick to the original + a chili flavoured version, as they're adamant not to introduce colourants, but adhere to 100% chemical-free and natural products. The biltong is vacuum packed for durability. 

The EL TORO chili bites - thinly, hand-sliced beef sticks that have been marinated in a blend of authentic spices and then dried to a perfect state of crispness. And take it from someone who's tried them: They are highly addictive! - but luckily also very healthy! The chili bites are sold by weight in a bag, or vacuum packed for durability. 

The EL TORO droëwors - an air-cured sausage snack, sold in two flavours: The original and the garlic one. The droëwors are also vacuum packed for durability. 

Also the original EL TORO boerewors and billtong bars + a wide range of other South African specialities, such as special teas, creams, chutneys, sodas, and ciders are included in EL TORO FOODS' vast portfolio; and - of course - not forgetting to mention the huge pie production, also made onsite in Palmanova with the kitchen's own spices and spice mixes. 

Today, the EL TORO biltongs make up about 70% of the overall business, whereas the pies account for the remaining 30% - not that you'd know it, when encountering EL TORO FOODS on the many events in the yachting industry, and other social events in especially the Calvia and Santa Ponsa area, where 100% of all EL TORO FOODS products usually sell out in just a few hours. 

So: Be quick on your feet when you meet the EL TORO FOODS foodtruck, because the South African specialities come highly recommended, and it's a safe bet to say that "if you've tried them once, you'll keep coming back"!

Opening hours are:

Tuesday - Saturday
10:00 - 14:00

Sunday and Monday closed

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