The beach in Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada is one of the easternmost holiday towns in Mallorca, and it's also the second largest fishing harbour on the island - only surpassed by Palma. Nevertheless, it's also a city that - due to its many thousand hotels - makes its living off of tourism, which today represents the main business in the area. 

Overall evaluation: 
The beach of Son Moll in Cala Ratjada is the biggest and most famous one with its 150 m in length and 50 m in width. The water is clear and the sand fine and light-coloured.     

Child friendly: 
Many people visit Son Moll, thereby limiting the opportunities for children. The first meters in the water are rather shallow, but from there on, it tends to become relatively deep. Most often, you cannot rent water sports equipment; however, you may snorkel on the right side of the beach.

Cala Ratjada