Beautiful hands and feet: 
You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression

Whether you’re a man or a woman: Taking care of your hands is important. Your hands and nails are some of the very first things people notice about you when you present yourself. And since they’re constantly exposed to the wind, sun and every-day weather in general, it’s a great idea to take good care of them.  

No one does that better than Rebecca Nordell. Born and raised in Sweden, but living in Mallorca for the last 28 years, Rebecca Nordell makes sure that residents and tourists can have beautiful hands and feet throughout the year. Having spent 10 years as a professional nail technician on the island – first in Palmanova and now in Portals – she is both very experienced and well-reputed, and both her male and female clients don’t hesitate to call her “brilliant” and “the very best” at her craft.  

What differentiates Rebecca Nordell from many others offering exclusive manicures and pedicures is that she prefers to work with your own nails. Should you bite your nails or have cracked and short nails for a multitude of reasons, she does her utmost to build and strengthen your own natural nails – rather than simply offering fake nails that might damage your nails even further. This is also one of the major reasons why she doesn’t work with acrylic products, but dedicates her work to gel exclusively, so as to get the best prerequisites to (re)build your own natural nails. In addition, she works only with the best products. Again: To ensure that you get the best possible treatment and result. 

BEAUTIFUL HANDS AND FEET in winter and summer

Most people experience getting dry and cracked hands when the cold months of winter set in. And even in the hot summer months, our hands and feet are exposed. The sun and heat leave our hands dry, and the salty water tends to crack the skin on our feet. With a manicure and / or pedicure by Rebecca Nordell, you’re guaranteed the best care. And irrespective of the season, she’ll make sure that you leave her salon with nothing short of deliciously soft hands and feet as well as beautiful nails.  

Because remember: Not just your fingernails are built and strengthened in order to help your natural nails to grow; Rebecca Nordell also builds and reconstructs your toenails if they’re broken due to sports, illness, etc. 


NAILS & MORE by Rebecca Nordell uses only the best products in order to have as beautiful and lasting a result as possible.  

When building your natural nails, she uses top quality hand, nail and foot care products from ProNails only. The origins of the ProNails brand date back more than 30 years to Belgium, and today it’s known as one of the leading names in the European nail care industry. Rather than using various American brands in her salon, Rebecca Nordell decided very early that this particular European brand would bring exactly the top quality to the nail treatments offered to her clients. At NAILS & MORE, regular clients come back to have their nails done every 4 weeks, thereby ensuring that their own natural nails stay strong.  

Also Rebecca Nordell’s use of semi-permanent nail polish is painted on your own natural nails. The polish is hardened in a UV lamp in order to get the semi-permanent results desired. The semi-permanent polish lasts very nicely 3 weeks on hands and up to 6 weeks on toenails.  

The semi-permanent nail polish used by Rebecca Nordell is very gentle to the natural nail compared to traditional gel nails. When removing the OPI gelcolor semi-permanent polish, normally no file work is required, as the polish can be dissolved with a special nail polish remover. After that, your nails are ready to be added a beautiful semi-permanent polish of your own individual choice – and from Rebecca Nordell’s wide palette collection, which will also soon include cool colours from the CUCCIO brand, where one of the major benefits are the triple pigmentation technology, ensuring that you get a true colour coverage and finish in one rich coat.

NAILS & MORE: Top-quality nail technician

Several clients write Rebecca Nordell before making an appointment to ask about specific colours or send pictures of examples they would like her to copy. All information – before, during or even after a manicure or pedicure – is very welcome, as Rebecca Nordell is able to assist you with just about anything and everything.  

However, whether you have an exclusive French manicure or pedicure done by NAILS & MORE with durable, beautiful semi-permanent polish, or you might prefer a regular polish of the latest, most trendy and stunning colours – or you simply choose to have the manicure and / or pedicure done by Rebecca Nordell without any subsequent polish, you’re guaranteed the most fantastic experience and professional care.  

So: For an exclusive manicure and / or pedicure: Look no further than to NAILS & MORE by Rebecca Nordell for the most wonderful treatments. She’s located just across from Marina Portals Hotel in the main street of Portals, and you can WhatsApp, phone or book a reservation online, where you’ll also find information on prices. 

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