The very best dental care: 
When what may seem like the smallest of things make the biggest of difference

Clínica Mar Dental is a modern dental practice located near Palma and the airport.

The primary practitioner is Dr. Lone Snedker, a Danish national who speaks English, German, Spanish and French. Educated and trained in Scandinavia, Lone Snedker has more two decades of experience practicing dentistry in Denmark, France and Spain. Leading a modern dental practice, both she and her entire team of four additional dental professionals use the latest and most modern practices and techniques.

At Clínica Mar Dental, you'll experience a staff that work as a team and collaborate with specialists in order to assess every patient's needs, assuring that you always receive top quality care.  

The dental clinic's high-quality prosthodontics are crafted by local German technicians. They are at hand to see you, if needed, for challenging technical issues that will suit and meet every patient’s needs and preferences.

In addition, the clinic’s policy is to see you and all its other patients annually for routine maintenance, thereby ensuring that small problems stay small.

At Clínica Mar Dental, you may rest assured that you get the BEST OF dental care available on the market, and that the clinic's honest and realistic approch to overall health as well as your wishes will guarantee that you'll always receive the treatment exactly right for you. And although the team is capable of offering solutions within all types of dentistry, their aim is to keep things simple, functional and reasonably priced. 

Give Clínica Mar Dental a call for advise, recommendations and help - and you will receive only the very best. 

To reach the dental clinic by bus, please take the city express buses to Palma centre and the airport. Numbers 15, 21 and 25 stop right at the front door of the clinic. If arriving to the clinic by car, kindly take exit 11 after the airport and take a right at the roundabout. Clínica Mar Dental is located on the 4th road on your left at the very end, and parking spaces are easily found in the surrounding streets. 

English, German, Spanish and French + Danish, Italian and Swedish