About the BEST OF concept

The BEST OF concept was originally developed in Denmark in 2012 and has since spread to 28 municipalities throughout the country, where more are underway.

BEST OF Palma is the first international launch, but online portals for additional European cities are currently being developed, e.g. in Great Britain and Germany.

The BEST OF concept was designed with a concise objective in mind: To generate growth in a given city/ region by spreading awareness and getting more visitors to the shops, restaurants and events in the area, thereby strengthening the overall business value throught interaction and trade between companies, individuals and institutions. 

Additionally, BEST OF aims to create a sense of community pride that will ultimately effect the branding of your city and its surroundings, and attract both news citizens and business opportunities. 

BEST OF carries a strong selection of all the best to be found within business, shopping, sports and entertainment, culture and events, education and much more. 

If you're interested in promoting your specific area by developing BEST OF your city, feel free to contact the owner of the concept.


Joern Simmenaes

M:  +45 2511 9925
E:   info@upfront-co.dk