Design, architecture and craftsmanship since 1975

Light shapes quality of life. DANISH LIGHTING shapes quality lighting. Having been founded more than 40 years ago, DANISH LIGHTING is all about superior design lighting - shapes and forms, contrasts and shadows - designed to improve homes and office, private and public rooms and buildings. As such, DANISH LIGHTING design and develop, market and sell, as well as advise and educate on elegant and timeless design lighting, allowing you to experience exactly how outstanding light can be, and how it helps create a both exclusive and natural atmosphere. 

Architecture, light, acoustics and material 

DANISH LIGHTING founder - Asger Bay Christiansen - spent years studying the connection between room architecture, light, acoustics and material, achieving great expertise and insights into the importance of light in all kinds of buildings. The subsequent 40+ years of design and production of lamps, as well as planning and design of lighting systems at both theoretical and practical level, have made DANISH LIGHTING a brilliant all-rounder. Combined with in-depth understanding of all lighting aspects, achieved after studies of the human eye and the effect of light on our overall well-being, DANISH LIGHTING has evolved into a preferred partner and vendor of design lighting of customers worldwide. 

Classical and timeless, design and expertise

The cornerstones of DANISH LIGHTING builds on the prestigious company asger bc from 1975, which safeguards a remarkable story as well as a highly skilled and flexible development department, producing more than 7,500 different lamps by end 1980s. 

DANISH LIGHTING takes great pride in their lamps, which are all manufactured according to old traditions of craftsmanship, combined with state-of-the-art, modern machines and processes. All lamps are handmade, offering you as a customer great flexibility when it comes to meeting specific needs, including supply of a lamp in all conceivable colours and special metals (raw aluminium, copper, brass, etc.). In addition, all DANISH LIGHTING lamps are manufactured to the highest environmental and ethical standards in Denmark - and now: They are also available to you - right here in Mallorca.  

Now also available right here in Mallorca 

Various high-end shops in Mallorca present a small selection of DANISH LIGHTING's offering in their showrooms, and they are ready to show you a vast catalogue of additional lamps and lighting solutions for both your home and office. However, for specific and in-depth information, you're more than welcome to contact DANISH LIGHTING in Denmark directly - just as you may also order your preferred lamps directly from DANISH LIGHTING via their website (in Danish only). 

Feel and experience the difference: Design lighting at its BEST

Being specialists in lighting technology, working environment, lighting and energy-saving lighting systems, DANISH LIGHTING offers the absolute BEST within lighting design solutions, and they are ready to advise you. 


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