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Very much interior designing in accordance with what's said to be Leonardo da Vinci's words: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication', swedish Carola Butters - founder and owner of STUDIO BUTTERS, has dedicated her work to the Scandinavian craftsmanship and design tradition - mixed with the warm and vibrant colours of the Mediterranean experienced in her every-day life in Mallorca. 

When trying to explain why interior design is her passion, Carola Butters keeps coming back to the fact that Scandinavians are very rooted and passionate about their homes. It's more than a safe haven. It's a place of comfort, style and - sheer joy. Or in the words of Carola Butters herself: 

"In Scandinavia, we love a good home. We spend a lot of time there, and not just due to the cold weather. When I grew up, we travelled a lot, and as much as I loved it, I remember the feeling of coming home. The familiar smells and the creaks around the house. First night back in my own bed - the joy!"

Big dreams on a small budget - or no concise ideas, but a huge budget: STUDIO BUTTERS will know how to transform your thoughts into reality

This passion for creating more than just houses, but actually helping people build warm, comfortable and comforting homes where they can relax and enjoy being, is the cornerstone of STUDIO BUTTERS. And since Carola Butters always wanted to live somewhere warm - and having spent many years away from her native Sweden - she and her family finally bought a house in beautiful Calviá in Mallorca. That said house - a new house, where they as the very first owners have had the immense pleasure of converting a clean canvas into much more than interior design solutions at their finest: A HOME. 

That warm sensation of creating a space with a homey feeling - whether an actual home, an office or something entirely different - is what STUDIO BUTTERS now has as both mission and vision, e.g. mixing rustic second-hand items with art and decorations picked up through travels or locally produced, and / or mixing a standard modular kitchen with custom-made pieces from brilliant, local craftsmen right here in Mallorca. 

Therefore: Pick up the phone and call Carola Butters, if you're in need of inspiration and interior design guidance! Not only will she give you a first consultation completely free of charge. She will also excite you with her ideas,  enthusiasm and way of being. Meeting up with STUDIO BUTTERS will make you geared towards finding the exact style that's yours and yours alone, and Carola Butters will make you excited to get going!

... and just for the record: Carola Butters speaks both Swedish, Danish, English and some Spanish. 

For booking of your first free consultation: 

+34 659 828 605 


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