La Llotja

Experience Palma's old market building La Llotja

Palma's old town is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, testifying to past Arab influence.

There's both the lively centre around Plaza Mayor with a richness of tempting tapas bars, noisy shopping streets and international brand stores. However, there's also another part of town, equally deserving of your time and visit, which you'll access if starting from Parc de la Mar at La Seu Cathedral and moving along the waterfront. Very quickly, you'll come to La Llotja. From the outside, the building looks much like a castle or perhaps a church, but it's actually a 15th century market building. 

Once, Mallorca was connected by the sea alone. And before the arrival of the first airplanes on the island, Palma's harbour was a hive of travellers, traders and curious spectators. 

Palma's status as a central trading city deteriorated during the 16th and 17th century, and from the 19th century La Llotja has been used as an art museum. Today, it serves as a cultural centre and art gallery, housing many exciting exhibitions of contemporary art, primarily. 

In front of La Llotja, a multitude of tapas bars and restaurants are ready to give you a break after your visit to the old market hall.