Talent development 

Football training in Mallorca - a unique opportunity

Whether you're a child, youth or adult player from Denmark, Scandinavia and / or English speaking countries, you're hereby introduced to a fantastic opportunity to take yourself to a higher level as a footballer.

Danish licensed football coach Peter Fejerskov, who used to live in Mallorca himself for 5+ years, offers children, young people and adults a unique supplement to their ongoing club training. He's known for his strong opinions on talent development as well as for his joy of technical football - and his work with both individuals and teams focuses on further developing skills, motivation and self confidence. 

Through his work with Vicente del Bosque's football academy as well as his dedication to internationalize it by bringing it to Denmark since 2017 - as the first country ever outside of Spain - he has vast knowledge of Spanish football and has worked with some of the best Spanish youth coaches. Through this experience from Spain as well as through his coach education and current coaching jobs in Denmark with SUB13 and SUB19 + his scouting duties, he's able to provide a targeted training and work programme that will:

  • develop your technical and tactical skills
  • work in-depth with your mental strengths
  • further strengthen your physical development. 

As a player, your sole contribution is the desire to play football. The desire to learn. And the desire to become better.

Football camps in Mallorca, including tournament participation

Peter Fejerskov helps to arrange training camps in Mallorca. His help covers everything from hotels and transport companies to access to good artificial pitches, friendly match competitors, possible sessions with Spanish guest coaches, etc. - and all at reasonable prices.

The training camps are implemented year-round for children, youth and adult players who may book both weekends, extended weekends and full weeks - depending on their needs and wishes. All you need to do is book your own flight tickets to and from your home country; Peter Fejerskov will handle everything else. 

Naturally, the training camps can include tournament participation, e.g. during Easter when many strong European teams visit the island.

Previously, the training camps have been held for both Danish girl and boy teams. Peter Fejerskov arranged for them to: 

  • participate in 2 daily training sessions
  • attend friendship and training matches against selected Spanish teams
  • receive guest training from Spanish coaches from Real Madrid and Vicente del Bosque's national and international academy team
  • live in local 4 star hotel accommodations, offering healthy food and good, all-round facilities 
  • take part in fun, educational and exciting team-building activities. 

Whether you're a player or a coach: Take advantage of this great opportunity to upgrade your (team's) talents and take home a unique experience that you'll never forget. Contact Peter Fejerskov and give yourself a chance to train football in Mallorca!

Training and assistance are provided in Danish and English. Norwegian, Swedish and German are understood.