Capdepera is best known for its beautiful castle - Castell de Capdepera - and its zigzagged silhouette that can be seen many kilometers away on top of a hill. In Roman times, a citadel was located there, but the present classic castle dates back to the 1300s. Behind its walls, you'll find a small church from which you have a beautiful view of the entire area.

Capdepera is said to possess all the best from entire Mallorca in its northeastern corner: Beautiful and unspoilt nature, sights and breathtaking beaches, authentic restaurants and sports and outdoor activities beyond compare. In consequence, Capdepera is a perfect setting for both residents and visitors - regardless of the season.  

Local market in Capdepera:        
Wednesdays between 07:00 and 13:00 

On sale:                     
Food, flowers and plants, clothing and shoes