Cabrera national park

Cabrera - an exciting natural reserve

Just an hour's boat ride from Mallorca's south coast lies the exciting natural area of ​​Cabrera, consisting of islands and rocks that has been a national park reserve since 1991. The archipelago counts a total of 19 uninhabited islands, and it has shaped one of the most singular and best preserved coastal landscapes in the Mediterranean. The natural reserve covers an area of ​​100 km2, of which 87 are water.

In addition to the special nature, you'll also find interesting cultural places to visit, including a 14th century castle.

You can commence your outing to Cabrera by boat, starting from Mallorca's south coast at Colónia de Sant Jordi, and you have the opportunity to choose between a relaxing full-day tour or a faster experience around the island by speed boat. The boat trip itself takes 45 minutes, approx., after which you'll have the opportunity to spend 2-3 hours in fantastic surroundings - and complete peace and quiet - in the middle of nature.

Apart from a few jeeps belonging to the handful of residents who focus on the preservation of nature and sea, the only mode of transport is your shoes. So make sure to bring a pair of good hiking/ walking shoes, because the tracks can be a bit uneven - especially if you want the full experience, taking you up to the old fortress from where you have a spectacular view of the bay.  

It's a destination that's considered an absolute must by many. And especially if you're a lover of nature, you'll be in for an unforgettable treat.