The beach at Can Picafort

At the end of the bay of Alcúdia, this small holiday town with a nice sandy beach and a nice seafront promenade is located. The town isn't very well-known, although it's been a resort area since the 1960s. Before then, Ca'n Picafort was a small fishing village, and you'll still find some weathered houses dating back to the 19th century, when taking a stroll around the harbour at the far end of the beach.

There, you'll find the eastern part of the elongated beach of Alcúdia, reached only by a busy transit road. When turning down towards the water, you'll suddenly end up in old residential neighborhoods, after which you'll reach the main street of Paseo Colón, which is a popular shopping district for tourists and locals alike. Just a few steps further, you'll encounter the wide seaside promenade with inviting bars and cozy restaurants with splendid views. 

Close to the sea, the somewhat older and rather authentic hotels are located. They completely melt into the simple wooden style of the town. On the other side of the major road at the outskirts of the city, the new and more luxurious family complexes rise. 

Overall evaluation:   
Ca'n Picafort is not as shallow-watered and calm as Alcúdia itself; however, it's a very pleasant beach. Part of it remains undeveloped, and you'll find plenty of room - even during high season. You'll also find various small beach restaurants that serve tasty food.  

Child friendly:   
Ca'n Picafort is a relatively child-friendly beach with fine sand and fairly shallow waters. At the same time, you have a wide range of water sports activities, including water skiing and pedalos, banana boats and surfing.


Can Picafort