Plaza Mayor

Historical Plaza Mayor 

Once the Inquisition headquarters. Today, a lively centre for the capital's many tapas bars, noisy shopping streets and international brand stores.

Palma's historic centre is a maze of charming, narrow streets, of which the most famous ones around the Plaza Mayor are Calle de Sant Miquel, Vía Sindicato and Calle de Colom, all of which boast amazing architecture, lively cafes and lots of shopping opportunities. 

In every way, Plaza Mayor can be described as the heart - and maybe even the soul - of Palma's old town. At least,  the central square is an ideal starting point for exploring the capital's historic and traditional city centre. The rectangular open square is Palma's largest, and it's surrounded by columns and typical Spanish buildings. After having been established in the 19th century, it quickly became one of Palma's landmarks as well as a social and cultural meeting point, where both locals and tourists come to enjoy the atmosphere and watch the world pass by.

For the island tourists, Plaza Mayor - with its many cafes, galleries, fiddlers and entertainers - offers a welcome alternative to the beach and  a relaxing break from the hot sun. In addition, the weekly market on the square offers a wealth of local art and products.