A culinary experience with a view

In a former fisherman's cottage oozing of three centuries of history - and located in what the city residents consider one of the best places in Mallorca, namely the town of Sant Elm - you'll find Es Raor: A restaurant building on the more than 25-year tradition established by the previously so famous and renowned restaurant called El Pescador.

And it's not just the inhabitants themselves speaking only in superlatives when it comes to both the city and the restaurant. Sant Elm is one of the nicest small cities in Mallorca, boasting a variety of fantastic and authentic places. It's located on the outermost southwest point - and the geml of the city is, in fact, the restaurant Es Raor: A unique fish restaurant located on the waterfront and in the most beautiful surroundings.

The menu at Es Raor is packed with delicious fish, seafood and steaks, and it also has a range of child-friendly dishes. Every dish is made with taste and enjoyment at its centre - and from carefully selected and exquisite raw food from the Mediterranean region, in a stylish combination with typical Mallorquin wines.

Whether you're out to have lunch and dinner, there's hardly a more beautiful setting than Es Raor. The view is absolutely stunning, and the sunset is known to be one of the most beautiful in Mallorca.

Enjoy! - and bon appetit!

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