Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping experience

PALMA AQUARIUM is a unique and unforgettable experience just waiting to be discovered and explored. It was opened in 2007 and ever since, the awards and recognitions have been many. It's a magical place that's been constructed in such a way that it takes you on a journey through the world's seas and oceans, including 55 tanks that are home to more than 700 different species from the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans:

The first stop is The Mediterranean 
- known as the cradle of civilizations for thousands of years, and its marine depths are home to many different types of species. The 25 aquariums found in this particular sector of PALMA AQUARIUM allow you to get upclose and personal with star fish, wrasses, groupers, elegant rays, peculiar sea horses, provocative eels and intelligent octopuses. And in the 'Touch Pool', you'll even be allowed to interact directly with the inhabitants and learn about them first hand in what's guaranteed to be one of the most fascinating seas in the world. 

Next stop is the Tropical Area 
- home to the largest collection of live corals in Europe! And at the same time, the equivalent to exotic colours, jubilance, exuberance and sheer joy. This particular area also consists of more than 25 aquariums, taking you on a magical trip through the world's tropical seas and oceans, and letting you discover the huge diversity of flora and fauna. This is the place where you'll come across funny goldfish, tang fish, unique puffer fish and agile blacktip reef sharks. 

From there, you take towards the Gardens
- a 12,000 m2 of open-air scenery with an extensive display of the exquisite flora of the Mediterranean. Take a stroll, dive with the rays in one of the outdoor tanks, or play in the outdoor playground, including bouncy castles, pirate ships and water fountains: In the Gardens, the fun possibilities are endless, and the adventure never stops. 

After visiting the Gardens, you're led to the Jungle
- and to experience the recreation of the Amazonian rainforest with all your senses. The roof garden is one of the largest in Europe, featuring a 7 metres high waterfall. The Jungle inhabitants include Amazonian piranhas and the prehistoric-looking alligator snapping turtle. 

Last stop on the journey is one of the most spectacular and deepest tanks in Europe: The 'Big Blue'
- being almost 9 metres deep, it contains 3.5 million litres of salt water and is home to 11 sharks of two different specifies: The majestic sand tiger shark and the agile sandbar shark. They live peacefully side by side with stingrays, greater amber jacks and sea breams. 

Good vibes and brilliant times

Apart from its many daily actitivies, ranging from multiple feedings and animations to dives with the sharks and snorkelling, PALMA AQUARIUM also uses its facilities as a venue for a multitude of events, such as birthday parties, weddings, christenings and first communions + anniversaries and company outings. Additionally, PALMA AQUARIUM takes its role and responsibility as educator very seriously. School visits, courses and workshops are organized in order to ensure that the younger generations acknowledge and cherish the marine world, and that they are taught to protect and preserve the astounding wonder that is the sea. Finally, PALMA AQUARIUM also organizes environmentally focused activities and takes part in various protection and conservation campaigns. 

All in all, you'll experience nothing short of good vibes and brilliant times at PALMA AQUARIUM - a place that has at least one thing in common with the capital of Palma itself:

When you've visited once, you'll wish to stay forever - or at the very least, come back again and again ... 

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