The beaches at San Vicente

San Vicente is a small fishing village that's been only little affected and influenced by tourism. This means that you won't encounter many restaurants, nor opportunities for children to play; however, Port de Pollensa is only a few kilometers away. 

Overall evaluation: 
Cala San Vicente has three beaches with nice and clear water: 1) Cala Bargues has the most central location and the biggest and finest beach. Additionally, it's the place where local fishermen take their boats and repair their nets; 2) Cala Clara, which is a lot smaller and often very crowded due to its location in front of a hotel; and 3) Cala Molins, which is popular because of its very fine- grained and light-coloured sand.

Child friendly: 
All three beaches are relatively child friendly; however, the space to play can be cramped - especially at Cala Clara, which is the smallest one, and where people often lie very close to one another. Only at Cala Barques, you can rent pedalos.


San Vicente