The beaches of Illetas

Illetas counts two small, fine sandy beaches: Playa d'Illetas and Cala Comptessa. They're well protected, making them perfect beaches - also during spring and autumn. 

At the main beach of Playa d'Illetas, you'll find small snack bars and a really good restaurant, sunbeds and umbrellas as well as pedalos for hire and the possibility to get a great massage. If you're not keen on sand, there's also a small rock to relax on.
The other beach of Cala Comptessa, located about 200 m from Playa d'Illetas, is above all a very popular place among the residents themselves. On a Sunday in August, it's hard to squeeze in a car at the parking lot or towel at the beach itself, but the atmosphere is local and very laid back. Nonetheless, you'll also encounter tourists - especially during high season.  

Child friendly: 
During summer, you'll rarely find much space to play; however, due to the beaches being visited by many families with children, tolerance and consideration is high. It's a good beach - especially for the somewhat older children. At Cala Comptessa, the water gets deep rather quickly, but in general, it's also a relatively child friendly beach. At any rate, both beaches are very well-visited by families.