Caring for your health and well-being is the #1, first and final goal of the local pharmacy in Puerto Portals. And what's more: The very dedicated staff consequently aim to offer their services and advise in a both close, professional and personal way, so as to target their wide range of services in a way that allows you to maintain a good health as well as to have possible health alterations detected. 

PUERTO PORTALS PHARMACY is always looking for ways to improve and perfect their offerings, so as to offer all clients the BEST possible service. They're generous with their profession in the sense that they're always open to questions and to doing their utmost to come up with the BEST OF answers and solutions. 

Being attended by the staff at PUERTO PORTALS PHARMACY is being wrapped in pure experience, topped by a true willingness to listen, understand, help and support. Entering into this particular pharmacy, it's not of importance who you meet behind the counter; the entire staff is guaranteed to solve your problems and help you find the BEST possible solution. 

Some of the services rendered include: 

.  Cardiovascular control, meaning blood pressure measurement, glycemic control, cholesterol and triglycerides
.  Pill box assistance, simplifying your medication by organizing everything in a weely disponsable pill box
.  Yacth service, preparing first aid kits and offering delivery services, if needed
.  Master formulation, including preparation of the master formular prescribed by your doctor
.  Water analysis to check if it's suitable for human consumption
.  Dermathological advise, helping you to have and keep a healthy skin
.  Much, much more. 

Quite a high percentage of the clientele at PUERTO PORTALS PHARMACY is from outside of the local area in Calvia, meaning that many customers drive quite far to receive the professional advise by the attentive staff. Therefore: If you have any questions related to the services mentioned above, pls. drop by PUERTO PORTALS PHARMACY for the BEST OF assistance available. And always delivered with a smile.  

Opening hours are:

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 21:00

09:00 - 15:00

Sunday closed

Spanish and English

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