Sineu is close to being the perfect example of Mallorca's small, rustic villages. The town has a thousand year-old history and heritage - both in relation to buildings and monuments. In addition, Sineu, like many other cities on the island, has its own market. The difference is, however, that it's not only the locals who visit it. Instead, it's both renowned and recognized throughout Mallorca as a tourist attraction, because it's the oldest, most colourful and magnificent ever seen on the island (dating back to 1306). Simultaneously with the sale of regular market goods and produce, such as handicrafts, leather and clothing - it also has horses, chickens and goats on sale. 

Local market in Sineu:    
Wednesdays between 08:00 and 14:00 

On sale:                
Fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, clothing and shoes