An island oasis for all ages!

Located directly on the royal golf course of Bendinat, only a few minutes drive from Palma and close to the luxury marina Port Portals, the original LINDNER GOLF RESORT indulges your every holiday wish!

Its exotic African design let’s you forget your hectic everyday life and inspires you to simply relax and dream. This spectacular haven is a wonderful golf hotel, an exclusive wellness resort, a romantic island hideaway, and a fun family place. All-in-one!

Rooms and suites 

The 128 rooms, including 31 suites, at LINDNER GOLF RESORT exude an exotic touch of Africa, and all are equipped with their own terrace or balcony - just as they're furnished with all amenities and differ from one another according to size and design, depending on the category. Every single room is a small holiday oasis in itself, and the attention to detail gives you a well-deserved break from the monotony of everyday life, allowing you to enter into a holiday dream out of this world!

Restaurants and bars 

At LINDNER GOLF RESORT, it isn't just about exceptional cuisine. The feel-good factor is just as important. Regardless of whether you decide to indulge in a chocolate ice cream by the pool, enjoy a fabulous gourmet dinner by candlelight, or you prefer to be surrounded by friends in a lively atmosphere of tapas and wine, LINDNER GOLF RESORT is all about 'soul food': Everything is prepared for connoisseurs of fine food and to be enjoyed in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. At Niko's Place, you'll enjoy Meditteranean cuisine at its finest, and at the Chumbo Pool Restaurant, you'll be served fresh salads, hearty steaks, light pasta dishes and exotic cocktails. 

Kids and families

Very much adhering to its tagline of being "NOT JUST BETTER. DIFFERENT", LINDNER GOLF RESORT is brilliant for enjoying the BEST OF family vacations. You can stay in a family room, and the Bendi Club - the hotel's own kids' house with playground - is open all year. In addition, the LINDNER GOLF RESORT childrens' policy is that all services include breakfast - just as you'll find kids' programmes and kids' buffet. In short: Exactly the type of holiday that your entire family will absolutely love!

Wellness and spa

The 500 m² Bahari Beauty & Spa covers two floors that'll do nothing else than allow you to escape the daily grind and indulge yourself from head to toe in a wonderfully exotic and relaxing atmosphere. "Bahari" is Swahili for “ocean, and just as the ocean washes away every trace in the sand, Bahari Spa will relieve you of all stress and tension in an unforgettably beautiful way. Apart from 1 inside pool and 1 outside pool + 2 saunas and 1 steambath, luxurious wellness and beauty treatments as well as holistic wellbeing treatments await. 

In short: LINDNER GOLF RESORT is glamour and elegance combined with family coziness and uniqueness. An absolutely BEST OF oasis to enjoy every type of holiday imaginable. Enjoy!

LINDNER GOLF RESORT from Jørn Simmenæs on Vimeo.

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