7. March 2019


Introducing you to company profile of week 10

is exactly the same as offering you a bite of heaven. At BEST OF Palma, we dare you: Go ahead and allow yourself the indulgence! - after all, it's Thursday! 

POSTRES BEINETTI is nothing short of amazing: Great American desserts in abundance! Carrot cake, red velvet, cheese cake with a topping of strawberry or raspberry, lemon merengue, banoffee, apple crumble ... just take your pick, because we guarantee that your favorite cakes are just waiting for you at POSTRES BEINETTI's magical universe. 

You can even order a special treat for a special day - whether your child's birthday coming up, your wedding or anniversary, the promotion of a colleague ... or any given day, for that matter: POSTRES BEINETTI helps you celebrate and make life sweet!

See you in Camino de La Vileta, 39
07011 Palma

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