30. June 2020

BEST OF Palma's newsflash #2 in 2020

It's vacation time! - and what better place to spend it than in Mallorca!

Read BEST OF Palma's newsflash #2 right here!

Summer holidays are here, and a lots of people are currently in the midst of planning their upcoming location. Not necesarily having to stay at home and do 'staycation' due to the COVID-19 situation - but now also with the option to vacation abroad. 

Mallorca is always a great choice. Some - and we're definitely among them - will even say the very BEST OF choices, because the island contains all the goodies imaginable of a true vacation spot. Further, the island has a wealth of businesses and companies that offer experiences beyond just one vacation, making you wish to come back, seek advice and become an every-day part of. 

Mallorca is always worth exploring. It's an island that'll inspire you with its modern architecture and stunning open sea view + allow you to dive into the relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere while dreaming of your next Mallorca visit. 

Palma isn’t one of the most fabulous cities in the world for nothing. From art and architecture to food and hidden gems, the options are enought to kep you coming back time after time, and never do the same things twice. Unless of course, you absolutely want to – and with some of the options shown here: You’ll definitely want to.

With BEST OF Palma's newsflash, we bring you a multitude of stories, news and information. You can find close to every news story and company profile elsewhere on this site as separate stories, but the all-in-one newsflash is right here

Many more newsflashes will follow, as the entire team behind BEST OF Palma will continue to do our utmost to introduce new companies to the business register, update events in the calendar (as soon as it's possible again), and bring overall news on social media, so as to help you stay aware of and in sync with everything that goes on in the sensational city of Palma and the stunning island of Mallorca. 

Thus, with this BEST OF Palma newsflash, we send you our very warmest wishes for the rest of the week + hope that you'll continue to follow us and like our posts on social media.

Happy Summer! & Happy reading!

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