27. May 2020

mallOrca IMPRESSIONS - weekly profile #22

This week's company profile on BEST OF Palma is not really a company profile; however, it's something so spectacular that we make an exception in order to call it to your attention. 

mallOrca IMPRESSIONS is a magical coffee table book of our beautiful island and some of its many wonders

The mallOrca IMPRESSIONS coffee table book is a declaration of love to our island, published in 3 languages (English, Spanish and German) and written by Mallorca insider Stefan Loiperdinger. The publication: 

.  totals 204 magical pages of text and beautiful pictures
.  measures 230 x 220mm x 28 mm
.  costs only EUR 35, excluding shipping, for all of BEST OF Palma's followers and readers (normal price = EUR 39.-)

All you have to do when purchasing the coffee table book is type in the password: Bestofpalma

For more information, pls. click right here. And for a preview, feel free to click right here

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