23. April 2020


We couldn't think of a more appropriate way of celebrating World Book Day than to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of this week's company profile: AGORA PORTALS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. 

Always going above and beyond what's to be expected, AGORA PORTALS and the entire educational group Globeducate daily accentuates that reading is always fun - and this year, it's being done by having students from the group's many schools participate in an Extreme Reading Challenge. 

Yesterday, AGORA PORTALS celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Although still under lock-down due to the worldwide corona crisis, the international school has continued to talk about the importance of caring for our planet, reminding their students at all educational stages of all the actions that were carried out on the occasion of the agreement with WWF and the overall goal of obtaining the green flag of EcoSchools. AGORA PORTALS has greatly succeeded in having students at all levels value the importance of taking action to control climate change. 

So, to all the teachers and staff at AGORA PORTALS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL:

We salute your work and dedication. We applaud your efforts. And we take great pride in having you be part of our community and educational foundation. 

For more information on AGORA PORTALS, including contact details, pls. read the full profile right here

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