31. december 2020

Moving towards a brighter 2021!

From BEST OF Palma, our entire team wishes you a happy, brighter and better new year!

Europe is holding its breath. Still. The infection rates are rising quickly everywhere. Still. And the continent is trying to weather this 2nd wave with targeted measures of lockdowns and isolation, where needed. Still.  

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are being distributed throughout Europe and the world, and although it will be a while – still – before we see the effects, we have all stood together to weather this surrealistic and horrific ordeal that has meant such great difficulties for many families and many businesses.  

During recent months, we’ve had opportunities to visit partners, customers and friends of the house. However, to protect everyone, naturally we continue to adhere to the applicable hygiene and distance rules. Still seeking to meet online and carrying out our day-to-day business in a very changed reality of life. 

From an outside-looking-in perspective, BEST OF Palma has been laying low since late Summer, as a direct consequence of the societal changes due to COVID-19. However, on the inside, we’ve taken measures and steps as BEST as possible, exchanging ideas and views with our profile customers – in the joint hope of soon getting back to (a new) normal. 

Some changes have already been made, and more will follow during upcoming weeks and months – both in our overall business focus and in the layout of some of our platforms. We hope you’ll like them. And that you’ll continue to LIKE us by SHARING our news about Mallorca’s businesses and people.  

Stay healthy and positive, moving towards a better 2021!

We truly hope that the plans, dreams and illusions that were put to such a severe halt this year will come true in 2021.

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