29. April 2020

Keep the faith! - it's all going to be fine

Already at the end of 2019, we geared up to a very special 2020. And in January of the new decade, we entered the mode of 'full speed ahead', brainstorming ideas and perspectives internally across the meeting room table, and booking loads of external meetings with exciting potential customers and business partners - all just as eager as we to begin 2020 with a bang. 

Little did we know at the time that the world, as we'd come to know and love it, would soon change. And that both people and businesses would be struggling for their lives. COVID-19 - or corona - hit both locally, nationally and internationally - and suddenly, our endeavours to give you an ever expanding business index, more adventurous news and events + always updated insights into both the rural and urban vibe of Mallorca took the backseat, while other - much more vital and crucial - things came into play - not just by way of a front seat position, but by being in the forefront of absolutely everything. 

In January 2020, we promised you not just an exciting year, but some very exciting weeks and months ahead. We never meant for them to get THIS exciting ...

The contrast was and remains huge: We went from actively engaging with profile customers and potential new ones + participating in lots of meetings and promotional sessions throughout the island - to closely monitoring the development of the corona virus, following the instructions and guidelines from the authorities, and to keeping social distance by staying at home in complete quarantine. 

Lock-down has been our 'new normal' for days, weeks and months now. And although some of the kids were allowed to take short walks outside from the beginning of last week and onwards, we're still trying to wrap our heads around the ongoing worldwide crisis and the ramifications on both Mallorca, Spain and the entire world. However, there are small signs and signals of improvement in Mallorca and the mainland as well as in other European countries that we're beating this invisible enemy. Together. Apart. 

At BEST OF Palma, it's been our mission since late 2018 to help you grow your business. And although - or maybe because - corona seems far from over, we’re as insistent as ever that this remains our mission. Now. More than ever. 

So: Whether you’re a shopping centre or a local store, a restaurant or a cafe, a five-star boutique hotel or a quirky second-hand shop: We’re here to help you get the attention – and, ultimately, the customers – you deserve, as soon as we’re back to a new 'new normal'. 

Therefore, our mission to help you grow your business is more relevant than ever, and we’ll do our utmost to place all of our digital platforms and presence at your disposal for any news and information that’ll serve to be both inspirational for our readers and folllowers = your current and future customers and bring awareness to others of your specific activities and initiatives. Feel free to call or email us at any given time - whether to chat and learn more about the possibilities without any type of obligation whatsoever, or to simply tell us about your challenges and views in order to get our input as to how we can assist you. 

Stay strong, fit and healthy. And just as importantly: Stay positive and keep the faith.
It's all going to be fine. Todo va a salir bien. 

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