13. March 2019


Company profile of week 11

introduces you to a place where the BEST and greatest of nights begin. A place where you can be sure that neither the food nor the wine will disappoint you, but where you'll only enjoy the most excellent of dishes - from fantastic starters to mouth-watering grilled Argentinian meat and tasty, rich desserts. 

MALBEC WINE & GRILL is a small restaurant, but the menu choices, quality of food, wine card and staff service are exceptional. The atmosphere is relaxing and oozes of hospitality. 

Allow yourself to start off your evening with a great experience at this week's company profile: MALBEC WINE & GRILL - a cozy Argentinian steakhouse, serving delicious food and flagship wines, and where you're sure to feel welcome!

Join us at at:

Calle Benito Jerónimo Feijoo, 2
07181 Portals Nous

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