19. October 2019

Fatal accident at triathlon

As Paguera played host to the final triathlon of the season earlier today, a British fireman participating lost his life in front of his wife and parents.  

According to the local news, the 45 year-old was swimming off Tora beach during the first leg of the triathlon challenge today - Saturday, October 19, at 10 am, when he began to feel unwell and drowned. He was taken out of the water; however, failed to respond as beachside emergency responders attempted to resuscitate him.  

The British competitor was 600 metres, approx., from shore when he experienced difficulties and, according to the emergency services, suffered a cardiac arrest.  

All sporting events was continued, including the subsequent award ceremony. However, all celebratory events were suspended out of respect for the family.  

We offer our deepest condolences to the family and everyone close to the athlete. 

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