18. March 2020

Animo! We stand together

Just one week ago ... we actively engaged with our profile customers and potential new ones + participated in lots of meetings.

This week ... we closely monitor the development of the corona virus and the instructions and guidelines from the authorities. 

The contrast is huge, but we keep the wheels in motion. We stand together. Although physically keeping our distance. 

We continue to help you grow your business

At BEST OF Palma, we’ve made it our mission to help you grow your business. And even though we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the current worldwide crisis and the ramifications on both Mallorca, Spain and the entire world, we’re as insistent as ever that this remains our mission. Now. More than ever. 

Our main concern is also unchanged: It is and remains the wellbeing and health of everyone around us – meaning not just ourselves, close family and friends, but the community at large. Therefore, we all work from our homes, adament to use this time of crisis to show that Mallorca stand together. Even when we have to stay at home and stand physically apart. So: Whether you’re a shopping centre or a local store, a restaurant or a cafe, a five-star boutique hotel or a quirky second-hand shop: We’re here to help you get the attention – and the customers – you deserve, as soon as we’re back to (a new) normal. 

Our mission to help you grow your business is more relevant than ever, and we’ll do our utmost to place all of our digital platforms and presence at your disposal for any news and information that’ll serve to be both inspirational for our readers and folllowers = your current and future customers and bring awareness to others of your specific activities and initiatives. 

Feel free to contact us – also during weekends:

Phone: +34 606 020 104
Phone: +45 2424 7780 
Email   j@skplus.dk

Animo! - and a heartfelt thank you to all the caretakers that go to work every day, fighting to keep the virus from spreading and fighting to keep all of us safe!

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