Much more than a florist

BETH FLORAL ART & EVENTS is the place where flowers are turned into art. The place to go whether to get flowers, plants, decorations or scented candles for your home or an exclusive event. The place where you find refuge from a world of hazzle and every-day routines and duties - only to enter into a magical garden of both natural and artificial flowers, and where the owner transforms imaginary floral ideas into real-life decorations and arrangements to take home. 

It's hard to describe BETH FLORAL ART & EVENTS. But maybe the name of the shop in Magaluf really says it all: It's  more than just flowers. It's so much more than just a florist. It's floral art - coupled with event planning and management. 

The services rendered are many: 

Compositions and decorations, using plants and flowers as a unique natural element that makes way for very interesting works, but where it must be carefully prioritized how to design the work in accordance with the needs of the plants and flowers themselves. 

Bouquets of natural flowers for any type of event and/ or to bring a floral touch to your private home. At BETH FLORAL ART & EVENT, imagination and creativity are in play when creating the most beautiful floral sceneries to take home with you. 

Decorating with artificial flowers is an ideal and very elegant option to create a space that's special and without need of much everyday care. The artificial flowers used for decorations bear an extreme resemblance to natural flowers and, thus, it's a must-see and must-try, if you haven't yet experimented in this direction. 

Events: From planning to realization. From initial advice to final project. From start to finish. BETH FLORAL ART & EVENTS consult and organize every type of event that your heart desires: A private party, your child's communion, your own wedding, a business gathering, etc. 

All of the above - and much more - are services to be rendered by BETH FLORAL ART & EVENTS!

Opening hours are: 

Monday - Friday
10:00 - 14:00 and again 16:30 - 20:00

10:00 - 14:00

Sunday closed

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