Hiking / Walking: La Trapa

A beautiful rocky path for the both trained and untrained hiker

We chose the most direct approach when deciding to hike / walk to La Trapa high above Sant Elm. Which ever way you go, you'll experience steep and challenging passages, but they're all worth the effort. We truly consider this particular hike a 'must do' walk, when visiting the south western part of Mallorca, or if you simply feel like exploring this tranquil and lovely spot on the island. 

We start in the sleepy fishing village of Sant Elm in the far South West of Mallorca. To begin with, we walk along wide paths and tracks that slowly turn into delightly woods and a soft woodland path uphill - only to continue into a narrow coastal path along old terrace walls. From there, the climb turns more steep, and our hiking route becomes rockier and the pathway more tricky. Eventually, we're led to fabulous viewing point of the remains of La Trapa monastery below. 

We follow the track down to the monastery, wander around the old buildings, including an old community windmill. The views of the coast and Sa Dragonera island are simply stunning. 

We continue our climb until we reach Coll de Ses Animes, offering a completely different panoramic view from a height of almost 400 metres. From there, we go back to Sant Elm valley via a wide track, offering incredible views ahead of us at all times. 

For us, this was an 8 kilometres and 3 hours hike, including a short pause to enjoy the breathtaking views and some water before descending. If summarizing the entire hike: La Trapa offers elements of traditional architecture, such as the houses of the old monastery and remains of a chapel, a mill and an entire era. However, the obligatory spot to visit is the viewpoint, resembling an exceptional balcony that overlooks La Dragonera island, which on this day truly looks remarkably like a dragon coming out of the Mediterranean. 

Take a look at the pictures and allow yourself a couple of hours in the company of Mallorca's beautiful coastline and remarkable scenery. It's nothing short of sheer bliss!