Mondragó Park Reserve

Enchanting Mondragó

In southern Mallorca near the town of Santanyí, you find Parc Naturel de Mondragó.

As is the case with the s'Albufera natural reserve and wetland area in the north, Mondragó also find a rich birdlife, and walks invite you very close to Mallorcas nature. In addition, Parc Natural de Mondragó is known for its beautiful beaches with fine, white sand, clear azure-coloured water and vertical cliffs with diversified plants and trees. 

Mondragó Natural Park offers activities for both the active and less active visitor. Especially for birdwatchers, it is an exciting area as more than 70 known species are found in the park. If you want to wander there are A marked route of 3.2 km, where you come to several different good views. The trip takes about 1.5 hours and has a low severity. After an active day in the park you can - with good conscience - retreat and relax on one of the nearby beaches, which is considered to be one of the most idyllic in Mallorca.