Santa Catalina market

Exciting Mercat de Santa Catalina

Food has become a cultural phenomenon - and without the traditional food, vegetable and fruit markets, cities and their residents would lose much of their cultural identity.

Therefore, it's not only the quality of the products sold on the market in the Palma area of Santa Catalina, which differentiates it from so many other markets around the island and in the rest of the world. It's largely its people and the place itself: The specific part of the capital that more and more often referred to as 'Palma's SoHo'.

Obviously, it's about being able to buy almost everything your heart desires of fresh ingredients from Monday to Saturday between 7 and 17 o'clock. But it's just as much about the total experience: Being in a place where you choose to spend some quality time - not just to shop or have your morning cup of coffee whilen reading today's paper, but every bit as much to have a look around. At the old Spanish lady, pushing her trolley without paying much attention to the other shoppers. At the old man living around the corner who goes to the same bar to ask for the same cup of black coffee every day - 'un cortado, por favor' - and has a chat with the same smiling man behind the counter. Or at the young, hip attorney who sprints through, but still has sufficient time to nod 'buen día' to most of the people he encounters on his way to work.

As is the case with Mercat d'Olivar near Plaza España, the Santa Catalina market is a lifestyle. Part of the vibrant life of Palma's SoHo that you should definitely take the time to enjoy and become part of.



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