S'Albufera Natural Reserve

Spend a magical day in the s'Albufera Park and Natural reserve

There are several parks in Mallorca. On the north side of the island - just south of the popular holiday areas of Aldúdia and Muro - you'll find the amazing Parc Naturel de s'Albufera, extending an approx. 2,600 hectares of protected natural reserve.

Its name originates from the Moors, as 'albufera' means' lagoon', but accounts of the park's very rich birdlife date back as far as Roman times. The area was declared protected in the 1980s when the Balearic Government began to fear that mass tourism in the surrounding cities could damage the already fragile ecology in the area.

Parc Naturel de s'Albufera brings you very close to Mallorca's nature. The park is a wetland area with a rich bird and fish life and a wealth of miscellaneous small swamp animals such as frogs. In s'Albufera, you can spend a whole day hiking, picnicking and enjoying yourself - as well as pay a visit to the small park museum to stay updated on the area's wildlife.

Hiking and cycling trails are well marked, but it should be mentioned that the s'Albufera Park and Natural Reserve is not a typical destination for families with children. Instead, it's primarily targeted lovers of fresh air and unspoiled nature. For these nature lovers, s'Albufera is a truly magical and unique place.