Olivar Market

Stunning Mercat d'Olivar

The Olivar market is Palma's biggest in-door market. It's open on weekdays from 7 to 14:30 and on Saturdays between 7 and 15 o'clock. On the market, a variety of goods are sold - from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, fish, bread, coffee, wine and spices + handicrafts and flowers. Equally important, however, is to emphasize wide variety of eateries and tapas bars, where the local residents mingle and mix with the city tourists in a quaint and loud blend. 

If you're a regular visitor to the market, you'll soon be recognized by the owners and employees of the many stalls and restaurants, who'll treat you as one of the family. It's a large market, housing a supermarket on its first floor, while all the merchants and their stalls form the frame of the ground floor. However, it's still cozy and manageable - and with a very family-oriented atmosphere and authentic Spanish feel to it. The actual ground floor market is divided into two sections, one of which is dedicated to fish and seafood.

Whether you're looking to get today's shopping out of the way, feel like a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a bite to eat - or you just want to drop by to take in the atmosphere: Mercat d'Olivar is a fantastic market and definitely worth more than just one visit.

Note! The fish market is closed on Monday, as fresh fish aren't brought in for purchase at the harbour on weekends. However, a couple of sushi stalls and seafood bars may well be open.

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