A cozy hideaway just off the busy port scene in Portals: Argentinian steakhouse, oozing of atmosphere, delicious food and flagship wines

A large part of traveling is about exploring local cuisine. And if your next trip doesn't take you to Argentina, make a stop at MALBEC WINE & GRILL for a fantastic taste of the iconic Argentine cuisine with some of the best meat in the world.

On a social level, the Argentines resemble the Spanish quite a lot. They frequently meet up with both friends and family, and their meetings often take place while enjoying good food. If the food is Argentinian, often different cuts of beef and pork will be served: Flank steaks, rib eye, sirloin and much, much more.

Because there's no escaping the fact that Argentinian cuisine is all about meat, and although MALBEC has derived great inspiration from several of the southern European kitchens, meat remains at centre stage, carrying the main role. And no wonder: The Argentine beef - and MALBEC's servings of it - are really excellent. As the restaurant owners themselves say: "Everything here is grilled and prepared with love".

Wine is also an essential part of MALBEC's menu and very existence. The restaurant insists on experimenting and constantly seeking to create a unified taste experience where food and wine go hand in hand.

If you are looking for a good steakhouse in Mallorca, try MALBEC! The meat is grilled and prepared to perfection, it's wonderfully delicious and tender - and as potentially favourite side dishes, you should definitely try the hand-cut french fries, a light crisp salad and a superb glass of wine. 

Note to self! MALBEC is known for always preparing something extraordinary on Valentine's Day - both in terms of special menus and wines! BEST OF Palma keeps you duly updated in our news section ... and just a small, insider tip: We managed to get a sneak preview just before Valentine's 2019 and tasted the new MALBEC rosé wine, which you should definitely not miss!

Book today - and enjoy a fabulous evening already tomorrow! Bon appetit!

Opening hours are: 

Monday - Tuesday 
17:00 - 23:00

Thursday - Sunday
17:00 - 23:00

Wednesday closed.

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