"The best on the island. Excellent treatments. Informative and professional advice. All together, a fantastic team" 

... are just some of the credentials mentioned to BEST OF Palma when looking into the type of clinic that HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES is. 

And there's no denying that at HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES, you're welcomed by a very serviceminded and hospitable staff in a lovely and comfortable reception area. When stepping further into the modernized clinic, counting four treatment rooms with an extensive array of CTN technology equipment unique to Mallorca, you're introduced to a skin and cosmetic specialist, continuously striving to boost your natural beauty with top-notch anti-ageing and beauty enhancing treatments. In fact, a client of DR HUW JONES has named him nothing short of "a medical magician"

The HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES' philosophy is very simple: It's all about listening: Listening to your concerns and addressing them by way of proven evidence supported treatments and products. This particular philosophy ensures that when you visit the clinic, you leave with results that not only meet, but very often highly exceed your expectations. Thus, you're dealing with a clinic and professional staff that won't try to make your concerns fit their treatments. Instead, you may rest assured that they'll always select the appropriate treatments, procedures and recommendations that'll best suit your individual concerns.

Through combining vast practical experience and knowledge, HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES constantly aims to provide all clients with the BEST OF answers to all individual questions and requirements. Additionally, the clinic seeks to remove the stigma surrounding cosmetic medicine in order to make it easier for people to talk about their concerns rather than simply ignoring them. 

The ambitious and far-reaching treatments include: 

Various face treatments, such as botox, dermal fillers, non-surgical rhinoplasty, high intensity focussed ultrasound facelifts, lip augmentation, PDO threads, mesotherapy, micro-needling and LED face mask, etc. 

Facials, including fire & ice, microdermabrasion, chemical peelings, meso bio lift, sculptra, etc. 

Specifically targetted skin treatments, such as mesotherapy, acne, cryopen, micro-needling, and platelet-rich plasma. 

Additionally, also cryolipolysis (fat removal) and microsclerotherapy for thread veins are performed, alongside with laser hair removals, teeth whitenings, etc. 

All with excellent results and the BEST OF recommendations from all clinic clients.  

So, if you decide to dedicate some time to glowing skin, special rejuvenating care or something entirely different, you'll find the HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES just one minute from the Bendinat exit off the Palma - Andratx highway, offering excellent accessibility whereever you might come from on the island. Make an appointment for a free consultation already today - and get ready to start the very BEST OF cosmetic and medical treatments tomorrow! You won't regret it!

Clinic opening hours are: 

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00

09:00 - 13:00

Sunday closed

English and Spanish 

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