The logo really says it all: FISIOSAN - advanced health treatments. 

... and we really didn't need to write much more, because after having been treated at FISIOSAN in Palma - and subsequently referring several family members, friends and acquaintances, when they suddenly needed it - we can surely verify that the logo very much sticks to telling the truth: At FISIOSAN, they deal in nothing less than advanced health treatments. And even better - on the basis of the most advanced technology available on the market - they deal in advanced health treatments that actually WORK. 

Furthermore, FISIOSAN's staff of professionals does not only take great pride in their work and has multiple years of experience within each of their fields; they also constantly seek to improve and investigate the latest techniques and technolgoeis in order to come up with the BEST treatments and solutions as well as to honestly render the BEST possible advise. 

At BEST OF Palma, we highly recommend FISIOSAN's various physiotherapy treatments, ranging from preventive care and sports injuries to rehabilitation and treatment of sore muscles and joints. The overall centre treatments cover very broad areas within the field of physiotherapy, including:  

.  Sports massage and physiotherapy
.  Laser treatments
.  Kinisio-taping in connection with injuries of various kinds
.  Osteopathy
.  Acupuncture
.  Shockwave therapy
.  Early stimulation of 0 - 6 year-olds in order to improve motor skills, balance, coordination, etc. 

In connection with the lock-down in Mallorca, FISIOSAN announced on their Facebook page that they returned on April 27, 2020, to handle primarily emergency/ urgent cases and treatments needing careful monitoring and control. Naturally, the staff has taken a number of measures and precautions in order to ensure patient safety, and both gloves and masks are obligatory from both staff and clients. 

At the same time, everyone is asked to prebook appointments: 

By phone: 
+34 871 95 86 66 or +34 667 42 70 02

or via email:

Spanish; however, at least one of the staff members (Nando Soler Bustamante) speaks very well English. 

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