Cuevas del Hams

10 million year-old fish hook caves

Cuevas del Hams - also known as the 'fish hook caves', because 'Hams' means 'fishing hook' in Catalan - resembles many of the other caves on Mallorca's east coast.

Just before entering Porto Cristo, you'll find the 10 million year-old caves, discovered in 1905. They contain multiple rooms and are famous for their different rock formations and a large underground lake. Like a wealth of the other caves on the island, you can also take a guided tour in Cuevas del Hams in order to truly enjoy the impressive phenomenon these caves are. 

A special attraction offered in Cuevas del Hams is 'Digithams' - a special light show, that reproduces human figures of important personalities from the world of science and culture through cuts and cracks in the cave walls. 

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