Cuevas de Artà

A stunning, thousands of years old natural wonder

Cuevas de Artà is yet another opportunity to explore Mallorca's unique and world-renowned caves. Cuevas de Artà, located in the town of Canyamel (near Capdepera on the northeastern side of Mallorca), is a unique natural experience, certainly not lessened by the fact that one of the first visitors is said to be the author Jules Verne, who should have found inspiration for some of his works in these exact caves.

The entrance to the Artà caves is very special: From a small plateau high above the sea with vertical rock walls, a staircase leads you 30 meters up to the entrance itself, concealing some large and very spectacular caves with narrow corridors and tunnels.

Cuevas de Artà, created thousands of years ago, is a great experience for all family members. They are said to be some of the best caves to visit if you bring children. 

The guided tours include audio and light shows.

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