Colours of joy 

Without wanting to sound pretentious in any way, entering into the world of Danish artist Line Bank has the potential to change your outlook on life. Her paintings might seems to be abstractions, but are, in fact, impressions being translated and transformed into light and colourful art work. At BEST OF Palma, we dare go as far as to say that BANKS ABSTRACTIONS won't just settle for putting a smile on your face: They'll make you fall in love and see the world in a different, more cheerful and happy light. In short: BANKS ABSTRACTIONS is all about joy.

BANKS ABSTRACTIONS are original paintings that mix colour, light and shadow from the Scandinavian cool blue and lush green with the strong, warm feel of Spain, Mallorca and the Mediterrean. The detailing is overwhelming and might come from the inside of a flower or from figures and patterns found in trees and stones - all represented and synonymous with the artistic universe of BANKS ABSTRACTIONS. 

Just as Line Bank herself lives a life of colour - a rich and full life counting people, adventure and travel - she manages to pass on her many and varied impressions of culture and nature to other people through her brushes and canvases. Through colours, she instantly both captures and releases her passion for painting - and her personal interpretations of life, its senses and experiences bring joy to everyone fortunate enough to look and behold. 

Having grown up - and later raised her own family - in Denmark, it's a natural extention of BANKS ABSTRACTIONS to focus on the cool shades found in northern Europe. Having later lived in New Zealand, the Spanish mainland and now residing in Andratx, Mallorca, it's every bit as natural that her paintings now also embrace inspiration from the vibrant and warm sensations of the Mediterranean. Bringing it all together - the coolness of the north and the warmth of the south - is Line Bank herself and her ability to transfer sheer joy onto a canvas - and, thus, onto the people buying her paintings and being inspired to feel that exact joy every day in the privacy of their own homes or offices. 

Do yourself a giant favour and drop by the galleri and studio of BANKS ABSTRACTIONS in Andratx! We guarantee that it'll be an experience that'll rock your world as well as bring it a quiet and reflective sigh of joy, as the colours and abstractions alone will make an impact that will stay inside of you. Line Bank's original paintings are far more than original art pieces. They're handmade, daily symbols of joy that'll continue to inspire you and make you appreciate the diversity of life - its colours, lights and shadows.  

Open studio day at BANKS ABSTRACTIONS is: 

09:00 - 17:00 or by appointment. 

Available work may also be seen on BANKS ABSTRACTIONS' website and at the exhibition held at the offices of Nykredit in Palma city centre, where you're also welcome, by appointment, to have a closer look at the originals exhibited. 

Danish, English, German and a fair bit of Spanish

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