Andratx & Port d'Andratx

Andratx is a beautiful area occupying an extensive part of Mallorca's southwest corner with its many orange groves and almond trees - its many natural shapes and colours. The small town is regarded as a somewhat sleepy place, which, however, greatly awakens on the weekly market day. The town is the perfect place for anyone who wish to experience the Mallorquin culture and take off on local adventures. 

Port d'Andratx is considered to be one of Mallorca's most elegant resorts. The fishing boats are accompanied by the many leisure sailors, and it's a most exclusive area where the international jet set is often seen, and where German at times resembles the main language spoken. 

Local market in Andratx:      
Wednesdays between 08:00 and 13:00

On sale:                     
Food, flowers and plants, clothing, shoes and handcrafted items