The short answer would be: "Everything!" However, if you ask the headmaster Rafael Barea, the school teachers, the parents as well as the students, we're sure you'll learn that AGORA PORTALS is a school completely dedicated to finding and boosting each child's individual talents, and to educating him or her to be prepared for a globalized world. 

At AGORA PORTALS, it's all about being - or learning how to become - the BEST version of yourself. Academically and socially. For the benefit of yourself as well as for society. It's all about being part of something bigger, and about giving back. Or as both the school posters and a lot of the students say themselves: "My home is Mallorca. My class room is the world". 

Being part of the prestigious and very well-reputed NACE Schools Group, AGORA PORTALS is amongst the five most important educational groups in the world. it owns 50+ schools worldwide and has 40+ years' experience in the educational sector. On top, the group employs 1,800+ teachers and is currently educating 18.000+ students. Complying daily with the school motto: 'We Globeducate!', AGORA PORTALS responds to the constantly changing educational needs of children and young people today. It's an international school that's at the cutting-edge of educational philosophy and practice, and its teachers are provided with all the training and resources needed to ensure that every child attending the school is provided with the BEST possible education available today. 

In the words of one of those most deeply and daily involved:

"AGORA PORTALS is much more than Science, Spanish and Maths. It is what the name implies: Doors to open and worlds to explore. The opportunities to develop their interests and discover new worlds are limitless, and thanks to this, every child feels valued and appreciated. Apart from school life itself, pupils also organize and participate in charity campaigns to prepare them to be useful members of the community when they're older. As a teacher, I feel that every day is an opportunity to explore fantastic new worlds with my pupils. Projects and cooperative learning give them a central role, and the classroom becomes a true agora in which every voice counts", says science teacher Miss Eva Fitz. 

For additional information, including download of brochures  and the admission process, feel free to call or visit AGORA PORTALS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS during opening hours: 

+34 971 684 042

Opening hours are

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00

Saturday and Sunday closed. 

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