16. April 2020


Company profile of week 16 remains nothing short of amazing 

It's a profile customer that continues to fill a very special place in the heart of everyone working at BEST OF Palma, because we all have four-legged family members very near and dear to us. 

CLINICA VETERINARIA BENDINAT with Nick Murgatroyd and his brilliant staff at the helm make sure that both pets and their two-legged owners feel absolutely at ease, if an accident should occur and/ or your pet should fall ill. 

With CLINICA VETERINARIA BENDINAT, competent help and super care is always close by, offering fully equipped surgenry facilities and an emergency phone number 24 / 7 on: +34 680 417 828. 

Daily phone number is: +34 971 404 459, and regular opening hours are:  

Monday to Friday    
09:00 - 13:30 and again 14:30 - 18:30  

10:00 – 12:30

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