11. June 2019

Unique and exclusive BEST OF*FER

Fantastic Summer campaign, brought to you only by BEST OF Palma

A luxurious and truly BEST OF*FER, valid during the entire months of June, July and August, gives you a 10% discount on the latest design by CARMEN EKVALL, your Danish jeweller in Mallorca. 

SIMPLIFICA is an exclusive and hand-made ring created by CARMEN EKVALL for the women who want something luxurious and yet simple - and with the possibility of adding a nice splash of colour without ending up with what might feel like an overly decorated ring.

Therefore, SIMPLIFICA is for you and every woman who crave the fusion of something modern and yet somewhat understated, so that you can feel comfortable when wearing it everyday - whether for work, at home and dressed up to attend a party or formal event. 

Take this opportunity

to drop by CARMEN EKVALL's fantastic studio in the old city centre of Palma

and make use of this extraordinary Summer BEST OF*FER

to get a sample of her exquisite jewellery line - all in the shape of SIMPLIFICA - at a 10% discount.

All you have to do is refer to BEST OF Palma

when visiting or booking an appointment: 

Calle del Set Cantons, 3
07001 Palma

+34 681 689 666

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