15. August 2019

The fight is on: Battle of the burger!

Prepare yourself for a fun-filled event full of surprises, great food and rock 'n' roll!

In an intense battle run over 2 days - August 31 and September 1 - both a huge burger competition and a rock 'n' roll music festival will take place in Son Justeret near Son Castello, Palma.  

As one of twenty businesses, BEST OF Palma's profile customer EL TORO FOODS is up for the challenge to win the prestigious title of BURGER OF THE YEAR 2019 in what's sure to be a fun event with lots of surprises. As you can see in the picture above, the dedicated efforts to win the title have been started, using the BEST OF South African specialities and yummy ingredients. At BEST OF Palma, we can't wait for the launch of the boerie burger to everyone living in Mallorca, crazy about burgers!

What are you waiting for?! - Get your entry ticket NOW!

When ensuring your entry ticket, you automatically get a burger of your own personal choice to start off the event in the BEST OF ways! The entry tickets are purchased either online or onsite at EL TORO FOODS in Palmanova: 

Miquel dels Sants Oliver, 9
07181 Palmanova

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