25. March 2020


With Spring just around the corner, we usually spend most of our time outside. This year's extraordinary situation with the corona virus has not allowed us to dust off last year's shorts - or furniture, for that matter. 

Instead, we feel blessed with every day that passes without anyone close to us attacked by the disease, and we feel fortunate to have healthcare workers, doctors and nurses that continue to take extraordinary care of us - sometimes even at the expense of their own safety. 

This week's company profile, week 13, brings us a glimpse of Spring
- and, therefore, a glimpse of hope

in the midst of the current worldwide crisis. Although everything is closed down, including STUDIO BUTTERS, we still have pictures of lovely former projects. And in the words of Swedish native Carola Butters: 

"I miss working. I miss taking my daughter to the park. I can't wait to run on the beach with her. Things we take for granted are all of a sudden what I dream of. Stay safe". 

Thank you, Carola! You stay safe, well and healthy as well. And indoors - for now - with your lovely family, hoping that we can all soon again enjoy the outdoor life we love - with the people we love. 

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